Dev Technology Gives Back, Starting With a Company-Wide Week of Service

Dev Technology has been actively participating in activities and providing opportunities for staff engagement that reflect our core values of community, respect, and integrity.  

This year, the company participated in several activities giving back to local communities and beyond. In October, Dev Technology held its second annual Week of Service event, seven days of various volunteer activities, where staff donated over 300 hours of community service. The company also hosts Diversity Roundtable Discussions based on the book What If? Short Stories to Spark Inclusion and Diversity Dialogue, by Steve L. Robbins, for staff to engage in conversations around topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company also makes great efforts for staff to feel our core values embodied through internal and external related events. On November 4th, Dev Technology celebrated its 25th Anniversary and encouraged staff to wear culturally inclusive clothing to the celebration. 

All of Dev’s community engagement efforts and activities are incorporated into a program called DevGivesBack. DevGivesBack was formed to integrate all corporate giving under one umbrella so that we could coordinate efforts across our community resulting in a bigger impact. The program encompasses donating a combination of time, supplies, and money to various organizations whose mission supports Dev’s core values. Dev Technology looks forward to continuing its engagement initiatives next year, and supporting the communities in which we live and work.