Evans Consulting Funds 3D Printed Face Shields

Evans Consulting is actively involved in the community during this crisis, supporting local organizations such as the Women’s Center in Vienna who are seeing an increase in demand for their services due to the Covid-19 crisis.  One of the company's goals is to assist in providing PPE to Virginia hospitals and medical staff in anticipation for Virginia’s anticipated surge of Covid cases in the next few weeks. They recently donated funds to Virginia Tech to assist in purchasing filament and other 3D printer supplies to support their Mechanical Engineering Department’s efforts to mitigate the shortage of PPE supplies (face shields and monitoring systems for improvised respirators) due to COVID-19.  These efforts are connected with other Virginia Tech organizations, as well as a core group of about 20 students with 3D printers who are all stepping up to the plate to help, in addition to continuing their on-line studies.

After designing and printing prototype face shields, a final design was chosen by medical professionals for comfort and safety, and production began on April 7, 2020.   All printers, both those belonging to participating students in their homes and equipment at the university, will be utilized in production and supplies are desperately needed. The resulting PPE will be offered to any Virginia hospitals.  Evans Consulting is proud to be part of this innovative effort to assist our fellow Virginians in this time of need.

The first batch of headbands (multicolored – currently using any filament available) made will be the basis for shields.  The clear shields will be printed using university printers.  The blue and clear shield is what the finished shields will look like.