ThunderCat Technology sends meals to INOVA Health System health workers and in the process feeds the needy through HUNGRY

For the last two weeks, ThunderCat Technology supported two fellow Chamber members and helped feed needy people in the process.

Said ThunderCat Technology's Tom Deierlien, "like everyone else we knew about our brave, indefatigable healthcare staff working around the clock and being away from family. One of our employees talked about a program from Arlington’s HUNGRY Marketplace that launched a new division due to current times called HUNGRY@home, and their Fight Against Hunger commitment - For every family meal ordered, they give 4 meals to those in need.   They also will deliver donated meals to places like fire stations, hospitals and police stations.  So for the past two weeks we have sent meals to the hard working teams at INOVA.  It was a triple win, we supported a local small business, we supported those in need, and we supported our local community healthcare professionals."