Volunteer Fairfax Hosted VolunteerFest, a Community-wide Day of Service Event

Volunteer Fairfax was proud to host, VolunteerFest, a community-wide day of service event on Saturday, October 21st. Over 500 volunteers participated in 27 unique projects serving local nonprofit partners and supporting a variety of mission areas from grounds beautification and litter collection, to food collection, packing and distribution, card making and caring projects.

Volunteers accomplished a lot in this single day of service event including packing 30,000 meals for US Hunger, picking up over 250 lbs. of trash in parks across the county, supporting invasive plant removal and grounds beautification at several parks, community centers and learning gardens across the county. Volunteers made caring cards for the Jewish Community Center’s Horizon program, which supports youth with cancer and their siblings through summer camps and other programs. In addition to the mostly in-person events, volunteers also worked at-home to support donation needs for nonprofit partners including making homemade dog treats for Homeward Trails Adoption Center in Fairfax Station.

VolunteerFest, a Volunteer Fairfax signature event, seeks to introduce volunteers to the work of local nonprofits and to unite as a community to support the needs of local organizations and government agencies working to make a difference each day.