MCB Cares Partners With the Katherine Hanley Family Shelter

On Saturday, June 25th MCB team members volunteered at the Katherine Hanley Family Shelter. The group washed the inside of the washing machines and the dryers, checked that all of the water hoses were in working order, pulled weeds from the garden and collected vegetables for dinner. Our volunteers also cleaned and removed the kick marks from the bottom of the doors in the dining and common area and sanitized the tables and swept the floor. They picked up trash from the parking lot and emptied the rainwater from the playground toys.


The shelter provided the cleaning materials while MCB gave their time and hard work.  The effort is part of MCB’s community Katherine Hanley Family Shelter outreach initiative — MCB Cares — and was organized by MCB’s Caroline Harley, Staff Accountant. At the end of the shift, the team went to a local restaurant to unwind and enjoy lunch together.


MCB intends to partner with the Katherine Hanley Family Shelter for various monthly on-site and off-site opportunities for the remainder of 2022. The firm is also working on the possibility for MCB family members and friends to participate.


Giving back to the community is ingrained in our firm culture. MCB is proud to continue a long-standing tradition of giving back in collaboration with many nonprofit organizations that are doing important work. Our MCB Cares team actively seeks local volunteering opportunities for our team members to work hands-on with many nonprofits that serve our community. To learn more about partnering with MCB Cares, contact us at