IT Concepts walks in Carry The Load’s relay race to support veterans & first responders

IT Concepts, Inc. (ITC), a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), values philanthropy and community engagement, especially for the Veteran, Military, and First Responder community. As a USAF Veteran and CEO of ITC, Pinakin Patel challenged ITC to join Carry The Load, a national relay that honors and remembers the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. Carry The Load was founded by Veterans to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day and unite Americans in honoring our military, veterans, first responders, and their families. The National Relay consists of five routes that end in Dallas, TX.

Pinakin, joined by Danielle Applegate ITC VA Director, started ITC Memorial May by walking 5+ miles with the East Coast Relay Team at Baltimore National Cemetery. Tom Fogarty, Chief Strategy Officer, and Lokesh Sayal, ITC SSA Director, stepped in next and completed 15 miles together at the Alexandria National Cemetery. Over the next four weeks, the rest of the Executive Team and 30 ITC staff and their families across 12 states joined the relay and walked over 100 miles.

Beyond the miles, ITC donated $2,000 and covered the $30 fee for each ITC participant. Staff donated another $500 out of their own pockets - demonstrating how ITC lives up to its core concepts and how we are all personally committed to the Carry the Load mission “…to honor and remember our nation’s heroes by connecting Americans to the sacrifices made by our military, veterans, first responders, and their families.”.


As Memorial May comes to a close Pinakin opined “I’m immensely proud that our senior leaders are literally walking the walk with community engagement. It is important that we lead by example and pave the way for our staff to be able to share and learn as a team. As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I urge all Americans to recognize and support the sacrifice of our service members, Veterans, and First Responders. As a new sponsor of Carry The Load, I am excited to continue building our relationship.”